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Oxifoam is synthetic anionic surfactants based air entraining agent used in concrete or mortar mixes. The product is recommended for use whenever air entrained concrete is desired. Aerated concrete produced by the usage of oxifoam will be used for insulating roofings, light weight in-fills, non-structural in-fills for bridge decking applications. This product can be used in all

concrete or mortar mixes and can able to produce a dry weight aerated concrete within the range of 300 kg/m3 to 1400 kg/m3.



  • §  Compatible with natural and synthetic light weight aggregates
  • §  Prevent concrete damage caused by repetitive Freeze-thaw cycles
  • §  Improved workability and reduced bleeding
  • §  Compatible with Portland cement including SRC and other cement replacement materials.




Appearance: Pale staw coloured liquid

Specific Gravity:   1.07

Chloride content: Nil

Solubility in water: Indefinite

Freezing Point: <0o C

Storage Life in Manufacturer’s drums: 12 Months from the date of manufacturer.

Bulk storage: 12 Months from the date of delivery

Corrosiveness to mild steel: Nil

Note :

Tolerance 15% + in Density of Foam Concrete



Oxifoam is a ready to use material and should be added to concrete or mortar mixes during the mixing process at the addition of water. Normal mixing time is sufficient to produce a stabilized air entrained concrete. This product should not be added directly to cementitious material. The addition can be done to batch manually or by means of automatic dispensing equipments. When used in combination with other admixtures care must be taken to dispense each admixture separately into the mix.



The amount of Oxifoam will vary depend on the mix design and required air content for a particular project. The performance of the Oxifoam should be ascertained for a particular design for its optimal dosage for the desired concrete properties. As a guide, an addition level of 0.4% by weight of cement should be evaluated for dry weight density. A typical mix design of Cement 600 kg, Dune sand 400 kg with a Water to cement ratio 0.2 and Oxifoam dosage of 5% Cement weight will yield a Aerated concrete of 900 Kg/M3. If required higher air content may be obtained by increase the dosage rate.



Oxifoam being an air entraining agent it reduces the compressive strength as the level of entrained air increased. Over dosing of this product increases the air content of the mix thus increasing workability at the expense of reduced ultimate compressive strength.



Combination with other admixtures may affect the amount of air entrained in the mix. If multiple admixtures are used it is advised to verify the properties with the mix design combinations. Lab trials are recommended to ascertain the requirements for air content.






Oxifoam is supplied in 200 L drums or 1000 L IBC.



Stored preferably in original closed containers above 5oC. Never allow to freeze. Shelf life of the product in dry warehouse condition is 1 year.



Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Wear appropriate personal Protective Equipments. Provide proper ventilation while using in confined areas. Wash thoroughly with water for exposed areas and after use. For further information Refer MSDS


Technical Service

The Technical Department is available to assist you in the correct use of our products and its resources are at your disposal entirely without obligation.


Health and Safety

For further information see the OXIFOAM Material Safety Data Sheet, or consult Al Majara polychem industries L.L.C



Al Majara polychem industries LLC products are guaranteed against defective materials and are sold subject to standard terms and condition of sale copies of which are available on request which are reasonable care it’s taken compiling this technical data sheet, all recommendations regarding the use of product are made without guarantee since the conditions are use the beyond the company’ direct control. It is the customer responsibility to satisfy themselves that each product is fit for the purpose for which they indent to use it.


Refer to material data sheet and further information


OXIFOAM Chemical Mix Design


One Cubic meter of foam concrete


Cement                                500 kgs

Water                                   250 Ltrs

Oxifoam                              1.5 Ltrs


Wet Density                      751.50kgs

Dry Density approx.        550-660 kgm3


Note :


The Above mix design based on our best experience, it may vary due to site condition using cement, water etc., it is allowable to contractor to adjust to suit customized application






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