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Place of Origin:
United Arab Emirates
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Product Description


OXISTOP PVC Water stops are manufactured from a high quality virgin PVC compound which has been formulated to give excellent flexibility and durability to offer long life performance in concrete structures against water leakages.


They are extruded in a range of profiles.


OXISTOP is designed to stop any possible leakage from construction, Contraction and Expansion joints in concrete elements. OXISTOP is used for internal fixing and external fixing. Internal fixing profiles have brass eyelets at about 300mm spacing enabling the water stop to be tied to the reinforcement for support during concreting. External fixing profiles can be fixed by using nails. OXISTOP water stops are manufactured to meet the most stringent specifications and are resistant to abrasion and chemicals.



  • §  Proven design with multiple ribs.
  • §  4 diamond bulbs act in compression and extrusion
  • §  Deep rib tortuous path provides better bond to concrete and water tightness
  • §  Wide expansion bulb enables joint fillers to be fully supported.
  • §  Flexible to accommodate movement
  • §  Reinforced eyelet edge flanges for positive fixing
  • §  Simple job site splicing
  • §  Full range of intersection pieces
  • §  Suitable for use in potable water structures and has no effect on the quality of potable water.



  • §  Reservoirs, Water towers and sewage tanks
  • §  Swimming pools
  • §  Dams, Culverts, Canals and spillways
  • §  Bundled areas surrounding liquid retaining tanks
  • §  Basements and underground car parks
  • §  Tunnels and subways
  • §  Abutments and retaining walls
  • §  Roof decks and podium areas