Joint Filler Bitumen Impregented Board 12mm,19mm and 25mm

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Place of Origin:
United Arab Emirates
Brand Name:
Oxiboard BI 20


Joint Filler Board
Bitumen Impreganted Soft Board
for Construction RMC Slab etc.


Bitumen Impregnated Joint Filler / Protection Board (Flexile sheet) 
OXIBOARD BI 20 is compressible bitumen impregnated soft board expansion joint filler. The impregnated soft board is made from wood chips and wood waste, mechanically reduced to fibers which are then pressed to form a continuous sheet which is then cut to size. Bitumen is incorporated into the board during manufacture to improve its moisture resistance, damp resistance and durability. 
Ideal to form movement joints in in-situ concrete, construction joints in precast concrete construction. Structural expansion joints in concrete slabs, basements, retaining walls and other concrete wall construction. Protection of waterproofing membrane from mechanical abuse and against backfill. 
§         Concrete pavements and floors
§         Roads, ramps and runways
§         Pedestrian areas
§         Concrete retaining walls and bridges
§         Concrete basement structures
§         Resilient
§         Will not extrude under compression
§         High recovery
§         Low distortion
§         Easy to handle, cut and tamp
Specification compliance  
Complies with the pertinent type SBI requirements of BS 1142 : 1989 “ Fibre building boards “ and ASTM D 1751 (Compression, Extrusion and Recovery Only.) 
Boards are supplied on pallets with protective polyethylene packing.


Colour - Brown 

Extrusion - Very minimal when subjected to 50% compression 

Recovery - <85% (ASTM D1751)

Thickness tolerance - ± 7%

Width tolerance - ±3.0mm 

Length Tolerance - ±5.0mm  

Size - 1.22m x 2.20m, 1.22m x 2.44m 
(Other sizes are available on request ) 

Thickness -12mm, 13mm, 19mm and 25mm